Native American Community Development Institute

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1414 East Franklin Avenue
United States

About Us

The Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI), an American Indian community development intermediary organization-the first of its kind in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The organization is configured as an alliance of major Indian nonprofits and sever Indain businesses in the metropolitan area committed to community building through sector economic development and large-scale development. Foremost in our transformation plan to develop a new community infrastructure is to build community capac ity and assets within high growth economic sectors.


To partner with American Indian communities to build and execute 21st century community development strategies.


All American Indian people have a place, purpose, and a future strengthened by sustainable community development.

Guiding Principles

To embrace the values of American Indian people through:
UnificationNACDI will work to strengthen American Indian community cohesion and cooperation.
EmpowermentNACDI will work to listen and engage the heart, mind, and spirit of the people.
Honoring the Creator and all CreationNACDI will work to promote responsible stewardship of all Creation for generations to come.