The Cerebral Palsy Association of R.O.C.

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About Us


The CPA was formed in 1992 by people with cerebral palsy, parents, professionals and enthusiastic person in terms of rehabilitation. According to each committee guidelines, the secretariat help people with CP coping with difficulties in health, education, employment and residential care to enhance the quality of life. In addition, the CPA run free clinic and study program regularly as well as publishing quarterly journal to serve as a platform for exchanging opinions and information among members.

The CPA is also on behalf of individuals with CP claiming their rights in public issues such as participating in identification, placement, and service delivery for the students with multiple disabilities; working to eliminate discrimination against disabled people and take part in legislation and relevant amendments. Our aim is to develop both tangible and intangible assistance and create disabled-friendly environment gradually.


  • The CPA is devoted to supporting people with CP and developing a better understanding through research with combined efforts of people with CP and professionals.
  • The CPA is devoted to assisting people with CP in obtaining the services in health, education, employment, and residential care, and providing parents and families emotional and essential support.
  • The CPA is devoted to advocating and legislating for people with CP and their family.


The CPA offers various services and programs depending on their age and needs of people with CP.

  • Counseling Service
  • Early Intervention
  • Pre-Occupational Skill Training Program
  • Employment Support Services
  • Boccia Promotions
  • Assistive Technology Services