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About Us

Urban Warriors is a trauma-informed initiative linking at-risk youth with combat veterans. Many youth in high violence neighborhoods view themselves as soldiers, similar to a veteran, which creates a unique experience for both parties. The youth not only pick up on these similarities, research has reflected the striking parallels between experiences of child soldiers around the world and gang members in the United States.  Through the work of the YMCA's Youth Safety Violence Prevention and Urban Warriors initiative; collaborating to unearth common experiences, open dialogue, peace circle involvement, and encouragement to accomplish joint goals, forms a mentor-mentee relationship between youth and veterans. The bond of mentorship inspires not only youth  to lead a better life but also leaves veterans feeling more enriched, blended into the community, and engenders a positive impact on their lives as well. 

To gain a better understanding of the impact of our initiative, please click the following links, which provide additional information about the success of Urban Warriors. 

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