Akamai University

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193 Kino`ole Street
United States

About Us

Akamai University believes the amelioration of major world problems and creation of sustainable lifestyles and global practices to be the hallmarks of responsible individual and corporate world citizenship. As generators of new knowledge and developers of new systems, our sole mission as an institution is the advancement of the human condition and sustainability of the planet.

Akamai has developed an advanced model of distance learning, especially intended for mid-career professionals, based upon one-on-one mentorship, advanced studies, and student-based projects. Through collaboration and affiliation, Akamai has earned a high level of recognition across the international community.

Programs of Study:

Akamai University offers a full array of graduate programs for individuals wishing to undertake meaningful studies in the fields of: Applied Psychology and Human Services; Business and Economic Development; Ecological and Environmental studies; Education and Literacy; Health and Wellness; Sustained Human Development and Transpersonal and Consciousness studies.