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About Us

BuskNY is a New York City-based arts advocacy group. Our mission is to celebrate and promote freelance artistic performance, which has been allowed in the New York City transit system since 1985.

Despite this legal protection performers are still being wrongfully arrested, ticketed, and ejected from stations on a daily basis due to misunderstandings about the law. We think it’s time for that to stop.

To support performers as they improve the quality of life of millions of New Yorkers, we work to end wrongful ticketing, ejection, and arrest. Among other things, we do grassroots community organizing to protect performers; provide accurate information about the legality of subway performance to riders, MTA officials, and NYPD officers; assist subway performers in advocating for themselves when their rights are violated.

We also work hard to celebrate the diversity and excellence of subway performers by promoting, organizing, and curating events, exhibitions, and panels about New York City’s subway art.