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About Us

Loomio is an open-source platform that helps groups make decisions together.Groups of all sizes make better decisions when all voices are heard, so we’re building a system that makes it easy and efficient for everyone affected by a decision to have a say in making it.

How Does Loomio Work?

It’s a simple tool: a group starts an online discussion about any topic. Clear proposals emerge from the discussion. These proposals are then considered by the whole group, and each member is guided towards making a clear decision about how they feel about it. It’s immediately clear how the group feels, and concerns can be discussed and addressed before the best course of action is planned.

Group members can be anywhere, and can participate at any time. Every parameter of the discussion/decision-making process can be adapted to fit the particular group and decision faced.

Where Did Loomio Come From?

Something interesting happened in 2011. Millions of people all over the world took part in a wave of pro-democracy movements, demanding a change in the way our biggest institutions operate.

Loomio is what happened when a bunch of activists from the Occupy movement and businesspeople from a social enterprise network called Enspiral realised that they were using different approaches to work towards the same aim: a more sustainable and equitable world.

The Loomio project is about individual voices contributing to collective action: enabling all people to have a say in decisions that affect them in all aspects of life – in their community, their workplace, and the world.

Who is Behind Loomio?

Loomio is being built by a team of six passionate volunteers in Wellington, New Zealand, and a wider network of friends and supporters all over the world. We’re operating on a non-profit basis, but recognise that Loomio needs to be self-sufficient to have as much positive social impact as possible. We’re currently figuring out the fairest way of charging groups who have a budget to pay for helpful tools, so we can help groups who are doing great stuff in the community with no budget.

Want to help the Loomio project?

Loomio has been entirely developed by volunteers. We believe in the project’s potential to have great positive social impact; it’s going to need resources to get there. If you’re keen to get involved with the project, tell us about your skills and interests! Loomio is an open source project developed in Ruby on Rails. If you know Rails or have experience with front-end web development, we want your help.