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About Us

Mentoring is about sharing your time. It is not about money, gifts or events. Mentoring is as uncomplicated as engaging in what seems very ordinary to most of us. ….talking, running errands, sharing a meal, or taking a walk. To a child without an adult in his life these are extraordinary activities.

We are looking for adults who will spend time with a youth for an hour or two each week for at least six months. Mentors are not asked to solve the youth's problems, but to be a friend, a listener. A mentor can act as a sounding board - someone who may not have all the answers, or the ability to fix problems, but who does listen with empathy and compassion.

Midland Mentors provides mentors for the students in the Day Treatment Program, the school established by the Probate Court at the Juvenile Care Center. These are all young people under the court’s care. Evidence shows that children thrive when they have ongoing relationships with caring adults. Youth that meet regularly with mentors are more likely to stay out of trouble, succeed in school and achieve their goals. Midland Mentors is a volunteer program with members of our community spending time with a youth.