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About Us

La Comunidad Que Construimos is an official Peruvian NGO that helps at-risk kids have access to the education they deserve & develop their self-esteem through workshops in English, art, sports and cultural exchange in a local school in Alto Trujillo, Peru.


Our mission is to help children in Peru fulfil their individual potentialities and maximize their social and emotional growth from early childhood – through our English teaching and after-school programs. Their self-esteem and personal development are our top priorities.


Our vision is to help Peruvian kids and their family develop their social and emotional skills and foster their everyday well-being and social success - so they can live in harmony with themselves and with others, in order to break the cycle of violence and poverty.


We work with the community of Alto Trujillo in one of their local primary schools. The teachers are unable to comply with the national curriculum for English – which is a compulsory subject – because they are not trained to teach a foreign language. Our volunteers provide invaluable support to the teaching team by giving English classes to 350 students each week.

The children also greatly benefit from our efforts to advocate self-esteem after school, through our cultural exchange program. Our goal is to guide kids through their personal and interpersonal development, by promoting healthy emotional and social interactions, respect and confidence for the future.

La Comunidad que Construimos is a registered Peruvian non-profit NGO (no. 20559969461) and is based in Trujillo on the coast of Northern Peru.

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