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About Us

Alternative Gifts International, a nonprofit agency, sends tangible, empowering gifts to struggling people around the world. We’re dedicated to partnering with organizations that are taking on humanity’s most urgent issues.

Every year, the team at AGI curates thirty projects through our partner organizations that represent the change we want to see in the world, and then we bring the projects to you – the life-changing donor. These gifts build a partnership between oppressed people in crisis and individuals who want to affect real, sustainable change in the world; these gifts protect and preserve the Earth’s endangered environment and help build a global community of development. We guarantee that our donors send tangible lifelines to those in need, all while operating with low overhead.

We work to maintain excellent relationships with our partner organzations over the years. Our partners often recommend us to other organizations as an excellent way to reach our empathatic and passionate donors. Every year, new and old organizations alike submit project proposals framed around addressing a critical need in one of our causes. We evaluate their nonprofit, project proposal and fiscal practices to make sure our donors are only giving to trustworthy programs. The most vital projects are selected and featured on our website, catalog, and news streams for ONE YEAR. Partners may resubmit the same project or new ones the following year. The short term length lets us bring new projects to our donors while still staying on the forefront of the everchanging tide of international aid.


None of this would be possible without our givers. Some love the curated quality of our yearly catalog; some love being able "to gift" unusual and meaningful projects to their nearest and dearest. Either way, your commitment to alternative giving helps change the world. Each year, you choose from our selection of projects that reflect changing global needs. Your gifts are REAL, tangible gifts. If you give a bike, someone receives one. We take 10% of funds raised to keep our mission going: to curate the best projects around the world and bring them to you.