National Flossing Council

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About Us

The NFC is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to promoting floss and flossing. Founded in 1996, we expanded onto the web in 1997 and, working from a base in Washington, DC, we now have representatives in several states. We have done our work up to this point without commercial support, and we're not seeking to be a voice for any one part of the floss industry. We are interested in working with industry and government health organizations to make dental floss more available, but the primary focus of our work is to promote flossing, whether its done with the finest synthetic commercial floss, or thread from a sewing kit. At the NFC we’re dedicated to using any and all media to spread the word, and the word is FLOSS! Advertising can be incredibly influential, and, if done well, there's no reason advertising can't help people floss.

To promote flossing, we make our volunteer- produced advertisements available to magazines, billboards and television as a free public service. Much of our advertising includes our major slogan, "Help Spread "Peace of Mouth" - Floss!" Understanding "Peace of Mouth" is simple. Peace of mouth is something like peace of mind, only not as profound. A life without dental distress is one that includes "Peace of Mouth." Although there are many routes to this inner (oral) peace, we believe that flossing is an important peace-keeping tool.

We need volunteers to help with our work promoting the wider availability of dental floss in everyday life. We call our floss lobbying efforts the “Flossing Policy Initiative.” This Initiative has two major goals: 1. A floss dispenser in every public bathroom; and 2. Floss included with fast foods, including candy bar packaging. We could use input from people with vending machine; food packaging; or grant-writing experience. - See web...