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About Us

"Every citizen has the duty to be informed, to be thoughtfully concerned and to participate in the search for solutions."A man of his words, Governor Rockefeller convened state and national leaders to discuss the issues of his time.The Winthrop Rockefeller Institute of the University of Arkansas System chooses to honor this legacy by creating a facility to study and anticipate our ever-changing society. Our partnership with the University of Arkansas System allows us to combine Gov. Rockefeller’s legacy and ideas with the resources and expertise of the state’s premier university system.

Our mission is to carry on the legacy of Governor Winthrop Rockefeller and to serve as a catalyst for furthering the mission of the University of Arkansas System by bringing together people of diverse ideas and interests to address subjects of state, regional, national and international importance. These conferences will serve as a force for change by encouraging the free flow of ideas, maximizing the intellectual interaction of participants, and disseminating resulting information to the appropriate audiences.

Our vision is to serve as a world-class convening center using leading edge conference technology, contributing to discussion and exploration of strategic matters of local, national, and global policy or of matters of significant, scientific, cultural or other academic interest.