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About Us

Orphan Aid Uganda is a team of dedicated Ugandans with a commitment to give hope to orphans, street children and children from impoverished families. Reach out to adolescent girls and young women by providing opportunities to help them succeed and thrive as leaders in their communities through holistic education and economic empowerment.

We registered Non-Governmental Organization that works in Uganda with a targeted focus upon Healthcare, Education, Child Protection & Gender Equality, Reproductive health and Economic Empowerment through Music Dance and DRAMA, business training and micro-finance projects. We are a non-denomination and non-political organization.

Orphan Aid Uganda Strongly Condemned Keeping Children for self-gain and business opportunist and child trafficking. As young generation, we have seen a lot of such has been happening in our own country where kids are taken to orphanage home with promised for a better education and a bright future

Why does Orphan Aid Uganda exist?

To nurture the mental, physical and emotional growth and well-being of Ugandan HIV/AIDS infected and affected orphans and vulnerable children, as their HIV+ and negative parents/guardians who are most disadvantaged but talented and skilled.

To end Child Trafficking and encourage poor parents and disadvantaged children to stay at their homes while we try our very best to build their future together with them.

Orphanages can expose children to physical and psychological trauma

Countless research and study cases have time and again shown the negative effects orphanages and similar institutions have on children. Most of the studies in this field conclude that institutional housing should always be the last resort and alternatives such as foster homes or extended family care are always superior choices.

Studies indicate that children who grow up in orphanages are, at best, highly disconnected from the rest of their community, impacting their ability to form bonds and healthy relationships as they mature and enter adult life.

In addition, orphanages generally do not provide the children with the necessary life skills that they need, which again leaves them unprepared and unequipped as they grow up and leave the institution. In the more extreme cases (but not rare), orphanage staff are untrained and cannot properly provide the children with the care and attention that they deserve.

Studies further demonstrate the high percentage of physical and sexual abuse prevalent in such institutions. For all of these reasons, most of Orphanages organizations have all but abolished the practice of institutionalized care and have opted for the community integration alternatives mentioned above.

2: Many orphanages are managed as businesses – rather than homes

It comes as a shock to learn that in many places more than 80% of children in orphanages actually have at least one living parent. The decision to send a child to an orphanage is not a result of loss of parents, but rather motivated by promises made by the orphanage to save the child from a life of poverty.

 Children are often times sent, and even sold off, to live in orphanages by parents wanting to provide their children a better future. Unfortunately, in many cases this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In reality, many orphanage owners deliberately leave the institution in dire shape to add to the guilt and poke even deeper at the hearts of well-intentioned travelers and volunteers. Such owners have well understood that “orphaned” children can be a great source of income and therefore take all sorts of measures to earn more tourist cash.

In Uganda alone, the number of orphanages increased by 75% in a five year period from 2005, which in no way correlates to the number of actual orphaned children that’s why Government is on high gear to close all the Orphanage foundation unless monitored so closely by the nonprofit networks monitoring committee in Uganda to make sure that such activities is over.

 These orphanages may very well be termed a bustling business, while many travelers relay stories of very well-rehearsed visits to such orphanages, where children know all too well how to offer a welcoming smile, perform a dance and grab a visitor’s hand – all of which to make sure the visitors don’t leave without making a proper donation.

How does Orphan Aid Uganda help?

By providing access to quality Education, Child Protection, Youth skills and talented, care), education and sustainable livelihoods projects whilst mainstreaming child welfare and gender equality through all of our activities.

What impact does support from Orphan Aid Uganda have on their lives?

We enable the orphans and vulnerable children to stay in school with the goal that each child can attain a qualification, secure employment, and becoming a positive influence in Ugandan Society.

We facilitate structured & tailored short term overseas volunteer placements for Second and Third Level Students & Professionals who are willing to offer their invaluable time, skills and energy in order to assist our work

It is independent of politics and religion non-profit organization Against Orphanages Trafficking and we are registered and monitored by the Government of Uganda (act 2016) (REG. KDLG/009). We are located at Kole town council Kole district.

1.2   MISSION.

To bring hope to orphaned, Vulnerable Children and abused children in Uganda, through love, and care.

1.3   VISION

To inspire and work towards a just, enlightened and healthy society free from poverty and hunger and all forms of exploitation based on sex, region and ethnicity.

1.4   GOAL

A world free from all forms of exploitation and discrimination where every orphaned, child and vulnerable people have the opportunity to realize their potential.


The Goal of the organization is to improve the well-being, of youth, women, Orphans and other Vulnerable Children, Human Rights situation health and livelihoods of the people throughout the country through teaching people their rights and how they should be protected not subjected to torture inhuman and discriminatory in the society.

To reduce Child related abuses , Youth , Girl Child Education human rights abuses in Uganda and in so doing enable everyone to live happier and more secure lives by creating stronger society empowered with humane wisdom so as to improve their lives and those of others especially the growing mind of the youth in schools and outside the education system.

To support, promote and protect the interests and rights of the people; promote unity, kinship and setting up of developmental projects including but not limited to interactive programs, advocate for Human Rights awareness, community development and cultural values in general.

To raise public awareness of human rights through education and training programs, workshops and conferences in order to improve the respect of law in relation to human rights.

To expose the extent of human rights abuses taking place in Uganda and learn directly from victims of violations to educate people about the horror of their experiences and what needs to be done to prevent such things happening again.

To develop the capacity among the disadvantaged and minorities through training on how to deal with the fear of speaking out and learning not to be intimated by abusive authority figures.

Orphan Aid Uganda is a team of dedicated Ugandans with a commitment to give hope to orphans, street children and children from impoverished families. Reach out to adolescent girls and young women by providing opportunities to help them…

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