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About Us

 Orphan Aid Uganda was founded in 2013 and we work with local communities to develop strong, sustainable projects which meet local needs and help the communities to support their most vulnerable children. In 2015, the Organisation was recognized by Kole District Local Government Directorate of Gender and Community based organization as a C.B.O. Currently, Orphan Aid Uganda taking care of children offering them with shelter, medical, education and general welfare and also interacts with community children empowering them by training them in social and economic growth of the country to improve on their livelihood. Our aim is to nurture the children and raise them as better God fearing citizens that will carry on the baton and the message of reconciliation.

We recognize that there is a tremendous need around the world, however, we also acknowledge the impact that providing meaningful support to individuals can provide. We believe that the most valuable contribution that we can make is in the life of an individual – providing love, care, support and skills will then allow that individual to spread the impact. Regardless of the number of children in our care, at the heart of everything we do is this care for the individuals

Our main objective of the organization is to provide care, education and protection to orphaned, vulnerable disadvantaged children based on the philosophy that God our father cares. We seek to secure a good future and uphold the sanctity of human life by meeting the physiological emotional, educational and spiritual needs of disadvantaged and orphaned children of Uganda through community support from within Uganda and international partnership.

Since Uganda in Uganda we the number of Youths are growing day by day and the numbers of unemployment are increasing, school drop outs are Outrageous! We at Orphan Aid Uganda decided to provide free Computer Course for these youths to improve their Computer Skills and social Marketing to improve on their Livelihood.