Haight Ashbury Psychological Services

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2166 Hayes Street
Suite 308
San Francisco
United States

About Us

We are Haight Ashbury Psychological Services in San Francisco. HAPS has been in existence since 1979 and a 501(c)3 nonprofit since 1983. We have a volunteer staff of 16 - 18 masters and doctoral students who see between 8 - 10 clients each week. Each intern in our training program receives weekly individual and group supervision as well as training and education on a variety of topics to assist them in their development as psychotherapists. All students are supervised by licensed psychotherapists.

When life is harder than it should be... All of us, at some time or another, need some help. Events may conspire to throw us for a loop. We may feel overwhelmed by the tasks of daily life, our feelings, or our relationships. At Haight Ashbury Psychological Services, we offer professional psychotherapy for those occasions when life is harder than it should be.