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About Us

U.S. hospitals waste thousands of tons of medical supplies every day. This includes unused, sterile medical supplies discarded for regulatory reasons and fully functional equipment. Doc2Dock collects and redistributes these supplies to match the specific needs of hospitals in the developing world. Each container we ship contains approximately $500,000 worth of medical supplies and equipment. Yet the cost for each container is just $25,000.

To achieve this goal, we have built a strong network of medical professionals and volunteers in the U.S. and developing countries to collect, sort, ship and redistribute usable medical supplies and equipment.

Doc2Dock started in 2005 as a commitment to global human health during the inaugural Clinton Global Initiative, which is chaired by President Clinton. Doc2Dock has shipped dozens of containers to more than 16 countries in Africa and Haiti. So far, our shipments have helped bring hope and care to more than 2 million people in the developing world. And, in the process, reduced waste in the U.S. Doc2Dock is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.