International Child Abduction Awareness Foundation

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About Us

The International Child Abduction Awareness Foundation (ICAAF) is committed to educating the general public about issues of parental kidnapping - that is, when parents kidnap their children without the consent of the other parent. This issue seems esoteric enough, but it happens quite often, leaving parents "behind" as children are forcefully taken to another country and retained there. The President of ICAAF is a parent whose child was wrongfully taken. The Board members include an attorney, two human rights activists, and a proactive high school senior. Together these five are committed to advocating on behalf of parents and children, and will seek to lobby both the US government and international agencies to promote justice around the world. We are also devoted to helping parents by connecting them to resources such as psychologists, attorneys, mediators, social workers, and other parents. We need your help in hosting high-profile events, developing a legal toolkit, volunteering to answer questions for parents, writing grants, running a national essay contest for students, and other great projects. Get involved and boost your credentials, all in the service of those who need it!