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About Us

About Tanma Federation Tanma Federation wasformed in September 2010 by three ethnic Burmese women refugee groups in Malaysia, namely, Mang Tha, Kaopriseand Chin Women Organization. « Tanma » means strong. The Federation is hosted by Tenaganita, a non-governmental organisation, that works to protect and promote the rights of women, migrants & refugees.

Tanma Federation currently organises Income Generation Activities based on Fair Trade and cooperative principles to run social projects such as:

  • Chin Women Empowerment program
  • Mon Women Empowerment centre and shelter
  • Chin refugee children school.

Profits from the income generating activities are used for community services such as sewing courses, handicraft classes, basic English class and entrepreneurial skills development programmes.

Tanma focuses on marketing and business development while the women attend weekly leadership development training, English language and general knowledge classes.

Vision of Tanma Federation:

To bea world-wide fair trade cooperative run by and for refugee women, committed to giving a chance to the most vulnerable women, to be economically independent and to participate in decision making. We empower women to build peace and harmony in our homes, and to bring change in our environment.

Mission of Tanma Federation:

  • To build solidarity among women.
  • To protectwomen artisans’ rights as workers and as women
  • To run a fair trade cooperative
  • To help other women’s groupsjoin the federation.

For more information visit:www.tanmawomen.org ; https://www.facebook.com/TANMA.federation

Interested candidates should submit their application and resume to