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About Us

OUR MISSION is to provide support to mothers who are battling life-threatening cancer while raising minor children.


Our MAMCF moms face dual challenges. They are raising minor children while battling life-threatening cancer. Promoting the struggles these young moms endure will help shed light on the need to get cancer-related screening earlier in life.

Our PROMOTE-PROVIDE-PRAISE program targets lower socio economic populations and young mothers with cancer.

The battle against cancer is overwhelming. The myriad of emotions that courses your mind are paralyzing. What you think your life should have looked like immediately collapses. When my wife was diagnosed in 2010 that’s exactly how we felt. I remember a question my wife asked me that completely shattered my soul, “do you think our baby girl will remember me?” I’ve met many patients battling cancer over the years and they all have different stories but the common thread was their incredible courage and their will to live – not to survive but to LIVE. There are incredible organizations that advocates for these heroes fighting cancer but there’s one that truly supported my wife. Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation is run by wonderful, compassionate, and driven group of individuals.” Paul David, husband of Desiree David


Ways we have been able to provide support:

  • Out of pocket medical expenses for such items as PET scans
  • Alternative treatments such as acupuncture
  • Cancer related cook books for healthier eating
  • Nutritional supplies given such as Ensure
  • Organic fruits and vegetables delivered monthly to the moms
  • Peer support gatherings through “Mommy Luncheons”
  • Assistance with funeral arrangements and expenses
  • Funding for prosthetic hair replacements
  • Meal cards for the families when the mommies are hospitalized
  • Back up child care through Kindercare Learning Centers
  • Nurse navigator assistance
  • Assistance with housing


Recognizing efforts to support our cause is part of our mission. We do our best to honor and highlight the individuals and corporations who have supported us from the beginning.

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Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization headquartered in Brea, Ca.