International Rescue Committee-New Jersey

  • New Jersey


208 Commerce Place
4th Floor
New Jersey
United States

About Us

The IRC in New Jersey is a satellite office of IRC New York. Building on seven decades of experience, the IRC helps refugees regain a sense of stability, security, and self-respect. At the IRC's refugee resettlement office, refugees learn how to become self-sufficient, contributing members of their new communities. Our staff and volunteers believe that, in making the transition to life in the U.S., a refugee’s greatest resource is him or herself, so we assist our clients in translating their skills, interests, and past experiences into assets that are valuable in their new communities. We do this by providing recent refugees with essentials such as food, shelter, medical assistance, and school placement, orienting them to their new homes, and helping them on their journeys toward meaningful employment, literacy, and English language ability.