South American Explorers

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About Us

The mission of South American Explorers is to improve the social, economic and environmental conditions within South America by fostering greater awareness of this continent through the diffusion of information and cross cultural exchange.

SAE a nonprofit organization that functions mainly as an information network for South America. Since 1977, travelers, researchers, explorers, students, and expatriates from all over the world have used the SAE as a base to network and plan their activities. Over the past 27 years, SAE has gathered knowledge and experience to become one of the leading resources of information on Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Latin America as a whole. Each SAE office maintains a volunteer database for those who are interested in doing volunteer work in South America; has weekly presentations at our clubhouses about all things related to South America; promotes projects of all sorts going on in South America; and serves as one of the few sources of objective travel information in Latin America.