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About Us

We are an incubator for SOCIAL PROJECTS - a 34 year old NGO - Our Interns, Volunteers and Gap Project Directors gain valuable experience, CV perks & Valuable References. Our own projects include defending & advocating for vulnerable children, women, the elderly, animals and the environment. (did we miss anything?). Here are some examples of the more than 150 initiatives we have launched or directed in response to the millennium goals: - Here we are on TWITTER: [our FACEBOOK account somehow got zapped even though we had over 4,000 friends and were prepared to defend Mark from the Winklebams.] Things like that only hurt for a couple days. After all if we have come to save the world from human excess: it was only a blink. We get things started and out great volunteers push them over the top. Have a good look into our projects and you will discover this is true.