Congregation Netivot Shalom

  • CA


1316 University Ave
United States

About Us

Netivot Shalom began in 1989 and grew out of our founding members’ collective commitment to creating an egalitarian spiritual home for Conservative/Masorti Jews in Berkeley, California. We are members who are Jewish and not, Jews-by-choice, interfaith families, multiracial, multicultural, married, single, families and individuals, LGBTQQ, straight, old, and young. We explicitly recognize and cherish each other as teachers and students.

Our mission is threefold:

1. Encourage and engage in Tefilah (Prayer), Torah (Learning), Tzedakkah (Social Justice) and Kehillah (Community) within our congregation and the broader community.

2. Inspire Jewish practices among individuals and families who are considering Judaism, are intermarried, or are Jewish.

3. Share a commitment to Masorti (Conservative) Judaism and furthering individual and communal spiritual growth, while recognizing a range of personal philosophies, practices, and needs.