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About Us

Publicolor is a not-for-profit organization started in 1996 as a way to engage at-risk students in their education. Since our inception, we have involved thousands of low-performing students in the transformations of 50 innercity public schools and 40 neglected community sites such as health clinics, shelters and police precincts. The results gained from such a simple idea are both surprising and gratifying.

Publicolor uses the power of color, collaboration and completion to catalyze change in underserved public schools and ravaged nearby facilities. Our goal is to not only change the appearance of physical environments but also change the attitude and academic performance of innercity students, thereby improving their prospects as productive members of our workforce. Students who paint with us gain self- confidence, master an income-producing skill, and develop excellent work habits. And they become leaders in communities where hopelessness affects the attitudes and performance of many people.

Publicolor has a three-fold initiative; an after school program called the Paint Club, a Saturday apprenticeship program called the Color Club, and a program called NEXT STEPS. The focus of both clubs is to re-engage at-risk youth in their education through the painting process. Publicolor's youngsters are taught leadership skills and the value of both responsible behavior and initiative. Students are taught to work like young professionals, learning the value of color and collaboration to effect positive change. With NEXT STEPS, we work with the youngsters to secure internships, jobs or assist with the college application process.