Retina Foundation of the Southwest

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About Us

The Retina Foundation of the Southwest is one of only two nonprofit eye research institutes in the country. We have been unwavering in our mission to prevent vision loss and restore sight through innovative research and treatment. The Retina Foundation is a leader in research to develop treatments for macular degeneration, pediatric eye disorders, and inherited eye disorders, including retinitis pigmentosa.

The Retina Foundation has a long history in Dallas that spans over 30 years. Our current capacity to serve Dallas is a long way from our meager beginnings in the basement of Presbyterian Hospital with only two research scientists. Now, the Foundation is comprised of seven laboratories and a staff of 32 who strive to improve the quality of life for people with devastating eye diseases.

What sets the Retina Foundation apart is the service we provide to our patients and their families at no cost. Each year, there are more than 2,000 infants, children, adults and seniors who visit the Retina Foundation for advanced visual evaluations free of charge. Our evaluations are unique because many of these testing methods are only available at the Retina Foundation. Patients are referred by local ophthalmologists to help in the diagnosis and treatment of their vision loss.

Research at the Retina Foundation is peer-reviewed and supported by prominent national agencies such as the National Eye Institute, the Food and Drug Administration, Fight for Sight and the Foundation Fighting Blindness. More than 80 cents of every dollar goes directly to support research and testing.