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We are the only experts of our kind. We have redefined the difference between brain and mind in our own unique manner; (If one googles, 'difference between brain and mind', we come up #1); We have also defined wisdom from our own unique perspective; resulting in dozens of new practical applications that are all our own, that improve everything from education to how we live our lives, and we have even invented a newer Wisdom-Industry. We have our own unique route to effectively teaching and mastering emotional intelligence.

Not only is current education for just half the brain, it even miseducate the brain. Now there is a lot of talk about teaching emotional intelligence, which is brain education; but we teach emotional intelligence through the mind. The mind and brain are two distinct, though interdependent entities. While the mind is like a glass of old water where when fresh water is poured in, it readily gets rid of the old water. The brain on the other hand is like a glass of stale water which continues to produce stale water of its own; so when fresh water (knowledge) is poured into it, the fresh water gets lost in the stale water and so the new knowledge has little effect on the old knowledge content. In the process the brain learns little to nothing.

It is like the brain is being told to be honest, sincere, loving etc.; while the physical brain continues to produce dishonesty, insincerity, hate etc. because that is what the physically ignorant brain is capable of doing. It is like we can hammer a nitrogen producing machine to generate oxygen but the result will end in failure. It is the physical brain that has to be changed.

We have created a subject that rewires the brain of an emotionally challenged student/adult . In effect making the student's brain emotionally healthy and capable of becoming a successful student.

It is now becoming more and more scientifically evident that the brain changes physically as time goes by. It is well known that experience by old age makes man wise. What actually happens is that our emotional baggage in the brain gets constantly ground out by being exposed to the reality of life, leaving the brain emotional baggage free. The 4th R Foundation is suggesting that we deliberately grind out the emotional baggage from the brains of students, to speed up the wisdom process. We have been suggesting brain therapy for decades; as a compulsory subject to grind out the emotional baggage from the emotionally challenged brains of our students from early on.

The real problem is that our experts who sincerely want to reform education have very little clue to the differences between brain and mind. Given the different nature of the brain and mind the way to educate the two is also different. The brain acts/reacts/thinks physically in biochemical reactions. The mind thinks in words but even this thinking emerges through the physical activity of the brain. So it is the quality of the brain that determines the quality of the mind. We have hundreds of subjects to teach/educate the mind and hardly any clue of how to teach the brain.

The problem is that the brain requires more than education. The brain requires therapy to physically change the brain. We already have therapies that make the subnormal into normal; we must use the same to make the subnormal brain and even the so called normal brain into a super normal brain.

I am looking to put together a whole new team to create text books that teach wisdom from K-12 and beyond that will make man wise. Also looking to launch the Wisdom Industry to create jobs and wealth across the globe.

Please review my 1500+ articles on wisdom/emotional-intelligence/brain/mind/consciousness etc. I have this whole new wisdom-industry for which I need partners, mentors and investors.

Please google:

'4th r foundation einpresswire'

We are the only experts of our kind. We have redefined the difference between brain and mind in our own unique manner; (If one googles, 'difference between brain and mind', we come up #1); We have also defined wisdom from our own unique perspective…

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