Environmental Health Strategy Center

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565 Congress Street
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About Us

The mission of the Environmental Health Strategy Center is to ensure that all people are healthy and thriving in a fair and healthy economy. We aim to improve public health by transforming our materials economy to products that are safe for people and the planet, while attracting investment to create good jobs. The goal of our Environmental Health Program is to prevent disease, disability and health disparities by reducing exposure to toxic chemicals in our food, water, and products. The goal of our Sustainable Economy Program is to advance biobased manufacturing to make climate-friendly products from forest, farm and sea, instead of oil and gas. We believe that every person has a right to a healthful environment wherever they live, work, learn or play. We work nationally and at the state level to develop innovative programs and campaigns that organize people and partners to advocate together for science-based solutions. We excel at research and analysis, educational outreach and organizing, coalition building, and strategic issue campaigns. We apply a social justice lens and work for long-term systemic change while ensuring short-term progress that meets real needs.