War Crimes Studies Center, UC Berkeley

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About Us

Generally, the WCSC's mission is to support and promote the rule of law, accountability, democratization, and human rights in war-torn or post-conflict nations through supporting the mission of international tribunals and other transitional justice mechanisms. The WCSC addresses this mission through the following kinds of programs: 1. Strengthening the work of modern war crimes tribunals by providing training in international humanitarian law, consultation and analysis through trial monitoring and disseminating reports, and by facilitating forums and workshops that bring together international and regional judicial experts; 2. Providing expert assistance to truth commissions, governmental human rights agencies, justice sector and human NGOs, and regional organizations. 3. Increasing awareness of ongoing developments in international human rights law through developing curriculum for education, training, and research; 4. Serving as a major research center and public resource for the study of war crimes trials, in part by implementing new technologies, which create and enhance public access to archival tribunal materials, including documents and recordings; and 5. Informing and educating stakeholders in the formulation of public policy on vital issues about international justice.