XOF1 Solar Car Project

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About Us

The XOF1(power of one) Solar Car Project is an independent project neither tied with a university, coporation, or government, but began due to one individueal's dream, Marcelo da Luz. Eight years later we have the power of one and we're gearing up to go on a world breaking distance tour across the USA driving over 10,000 miles through 33 states ending in Los Angeles, CA in time for Wired's NextFest in Sept. 13-16, 2007 The record wasn't the reason the car was built, but because Marcelo and his volunteer team believed that action needed to be taken. To many of us are waiting for the situation concerning global warming to be solved by the government or some other orginization. He decided it was time to do something and in the act , hopefully to inspire people by building a car that can run on less power than a hair dryer.