Iniciativa Internacional Joven Guatemala

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About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of young Guatemalan concerned about our country, about the current situation, the lack of opportunities for us young people, by discrimination, stigmatization and violence in our beautiful country. Therefore, with the support and collaboration of the Spanish organization International Youth Initiative, we have materialized our dream of creating a youth organization for young people. To which we invite all and all youth, individuals, institutions, organizations and all those who want to bring their time, space, ideals, dreams, and who want to work and work together for a peaceful and prosperous Guatemala.


Improve the quality of life and create opportunities for Guatemalan youth development.


To become the international reference organization, especially in Latin America, having achieved structural changes in the state and the social imaginary in favor of youth.


  • Encourage public authorities practice the creation of policies, plans, programs and projects that impact the benefit of youth.
  • Conduct studies, research, seminars, meetings, public forums, among others, in order to increase knowledge about youth and their social environment.
  • Promoting active and organized participation of young men / women Guatemalans / as.
  • Professionalize public authorities responsible technicians in the care, protection and benefit young people, locally and internationally.
  • Develop actions to improve the quality of life of youth at the following levels: education, employment, cultural activities, sports, health, language learning, intercultural, etc..