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About Us

ICON aims to provide graduate students and professionals with high-impact, structured consulting opportunities with global NGOs. By channeling the business knowledge and experience of our volunteers, we hope to deliver best practice operating procedures to NGOs in need around the world.

ICON Goals:

  • Maximize volunteer impact through careful planning of consulting projects
  • Provide unique hands-on experience to volunteers
  • Create authentic international experience by working and living alongside local people
  • Build permanent connections between U.S. universities, student organizations and foreign NGOs
  • Heighten awareness of global issues
  • Use business as a force of good


From Passion to Sustainability


Create the largest network of students and nonprofits across the world to solve global challenges through business

NGO partners and projects in Panama

Alance Postivo (The boys and girls club of Panama) is a three-year USAID funded program working in the areas of youth development and violence prevention. Alcance Positivo is a highly collaborative program aiming to strengthen the work of municipal governments, youth centers, community organizations, and community police in youth development and violence prevention. (alcancepositivo.org)

Needs: ICON is assisting in consulting and finding best practices for 22 different Alcance Positivo centers that will affect/benefit up to 31,000 at-risk youth.

SembrArte (Metropolitan art projects sponsored by local corporations) focuses on community development and the improvement of public spaces through collaborative art projects engaging youth and those who may otherwise not have access to art. SembrArte’s revenue stream based on planning and hosting events that meet the CSR needs of corporations in Panama. (sembrarte.com)

Needs: Development of clear and direct mission and vision Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Organization planning. As well as roles and responsibilities, staffing and marketing plan for individual projects.