Oregon Pediatric Society

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9155 SW Barnes Road
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About Us

The Mission of the Oregon Pediatric Society is…

•To promote the optimal health and development of children and youth in partnership with their families and communities, and
•To support the pediatricians who care for them.

Our Vision is that..

•All children grow as healthy and productive members of their communities.
•Pediatricians set the standard for child health care, and are fulfilled throughout their careers.

We believe…

•Children are our greatest asset, now and in the future
•Children thrive in healthy and safe families and communities.
•Children should have access to quality comprehensive and integrated health care.
•Children achieve optimal health and development through collaboration between health care providers, families, and communities.
•Pediatricians provide essential leadership in promoting excellence in health care delivery and policy for all children and adolescents.
•Pediatricians are committed to lifelong learning and quality improvement

The Oregon Pediatric Society welcomes partnerships with all who share these values.