Palm House Recovery Center

  • Georgia


610 Oglethorpe Avenue
United States

About Us

Palm House Recovery is a non-profit 501 C3 Corporation, established in 2005 as a recovery residence for men and women with alcohol and/or other drug related problems. Our NARR Level 2 and GARR approved facility offers a monitored and peer based recovery support program.

Residences are separated between men and women and characterized by a community based environment supervised by senior residents, house coordinators and staff.

The Palm House is a peer based "Social Model" recovery program, which emphasizes the process of relearning responses to challenges, stresses and anxieties through "doing" and "experiencing" things in a new way and by watching positive role models. Our staff monitors operations and residents and enforces structure through our house rules.

The Palm house gives and receives non professionalnonclinical assistance to residents to achieve long term recovery from alcohol and or/other drug related problems; however, Support Services are rendered which center around the value of emotional control and focusing outward on connecting with resources and relationships beyond self. Classes and meetings are guided by "experimentally credentialed individuals", meaning that these individuals draw upon knowledge through life experience rather than formal education, having experienced recovery personally or as a family member. Peer based recovery support is given by individuals in the recovery community who are experienced with the aspects of recovery. Peers play an important role in the design, development, delivery and evaluation of services.

Palm House seeks to meet the daily living needs of individuals who choose to address their alcohol and/or drug addictions. The Palm House supports physical and mental wellness in its long term residential setting. It is our own philosophy that combining resident independence with a continuous environment of recovery will improve the lives and result in improved opportunity for continuous sobriety for our clients.