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About Us

Conundrum Theatre Company is a non-profit professional theatre company based in Los Angeles. The artistic goal of Conundrum is to produce classic musicals and plays with contemporary staging and production values, creating an exciting experience for audience members that will be something they’ll never forget. In addition, educational workshops and classes will be offered in acting, singing, directing, dancing, and more. Conundrum also produces original plays, song cycles and full-scale musicals. Finally, our shows will be Ovation-eligible whenever possible. 

Conundrum offers a unique voice in the Southern California theatre community by focusing on allowing working professionals to participate in high-quality, professional shows. Not all theater artists have the luxury of devoting a significant portion of their days to auditions, classes, and networking. Some have to maintain a full-time job. Some are unwilling to go without health insurance. Some have family commitments. But these ones who get left behind in the shuffle are sometimes the most talented.This is where Conundrum steps in. While maintaining creative and artistic integrity in this demanding Los Angeles theater community, Conundrum creates opportunities for these artists. Rather than leaving them to constantly wonder "What if?", we provide them with a theatrical home that works with their other responsibilities. In this way, we help maintain balance in our artists’ lives, giving them the option to pursue their dreams or without feeling they have to settle for non-professional productions.  

As a company committed to strengthening the love of the arts in our community, Conundrum Theatre Company offers so much more than just great theatre.  Conundrum is a company where artists can come together to create unique theatergoing opportunities and develop their craft in a safe and supportive environment.  It is our goal to welcome anyone and everyone who wants to leave their artistic mark in Southern California.