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About Us

Research and common sense both suggest that educational success for children and adults depends on a strong foundation of support for learning in homes and communities. With this in mind, Learning Dreams

- Uses a new approach to parent involvement - Addresses achievement gaps that exist in the United States and throughout the world - Applies proven and practical strategies to build a foundation for learning

Learning Dreams knows how to build a community of learning where

Learning - is not just about schools, it's about life, growth and motivation

Community - is not only about the neighborhood, it's about the connections that enhance people's lives

Building - is not about simply activism and protest, it's about applying tools, strategies and new forms of power

The University of Minnesota is undertaking a pilot learning partnership with Hennepin County and the Minneapolis and St. Paul Public Schools designed to promote effective parent and community involvement in learning. Learning Dreams supports learning for parents and students in families that are struggling with learning success. The project is based on the premise that supporting a culture of learning in homes and communities is the foundation for educational success.