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About Us

Developmental Media, Incorporated (DEVMEDIA) is a local not-for-profit, non-governmental, pro-environment media and civil society organization founded in 2008, but legally registered on January 5, 2009, by Media practitioners with the zest of contributing towards the growth and development of Liberia by providing the absenteeism for people’s advancement and campaigning for their rights. We take a careful synopsis of what is lacking while the country grows and utilize a period of half a decade to significantly providing such. The Organization is accredited by the Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs. DEVMEDIA, Inc. is overseen by a Board of Advisers and administered by a Secretariat headed by an Executive Director.

Our focal areas for the next half decade (2012-2016) include: (i) Documenting Liberia; and (ii) The Environment & Resource Rights

Additionally, we will continue the focal area, Human Resource Development, which spilled over from our previous four-year strategic plan.

Our works have transformed lives and imparted on tens of thousands of the population. We have trained several young people in citizen journalism, Professional digital video and audio editing, Youth leadership and life skills. We have a strong niche in documentation. We have produced informative and educative documentaries about issues in Liberia.

The organization has a media sensitization outlet. This outlet Studio, named and styled after a Zambian Rights Advocate Chipo Gift Muponisi, ‘Studio Chipo’ as it is affectionately called has enabled DEVMEDIA to be involved in the production of remarkable video documentaries including ‘The ACE Fiber Optic Cable: The Liberia Landing’ informing the Liberian people of the benefits of the fiber optic cable; ‘Down the Memory Lane’ for medica mondiale; and Community Land Rights and Community Forest Management documentaries for Tetra Tech ARD. We have carried out sensitization campaign on the effects of violence against women (VAW) as well as Access to Justice for the Coalition on Violence against Women and Girls, (a collaborative effort of the JPC &ADWANGA). The colloquium music video sang by Amb. Julie Endee was also produced by DEVMEDIA, Inc. for the Liberia Crusaders for Peace. ‘Kono Dramatists’ is also a component of Studio Chipo. Local cultural artists are trained to sensitize the Liberian populace on varying environmental rights issues.


Developmental Media endeavors to serve as a medium for the growth and development of the fundamental principles of humanity, human dignity and gender equality


Developmental Media wishes to see a just and equitable world where all of the fundamental rights and dignity are respected.