The New Sudan Education Initiative (NESEI)

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About Us

The New Sudan Education Initiative (NESEI) is a partnership between Sudanese and a global network of supporters, who have come together to bring the gift of education to Sudan. We are working to ensure lasting peace in this region by building 20 schools by 2015.

NESEI is building a network of ‘accelerated learning’ secondary schools for over 20,000 students that are designed specifically to create and train the new leaders of institutions of the private and public sectors that are central to Sudan’s transition to peace and stability. We are focused on increased educational access for girls, and training students in areas of Sudan’s most dire needs, such as health services.

According to UNICEF, Sudan has the lowest access to primary education in the world, with only 33% of children between the ages of 7-14 going to school. Even more shocking is the statistic that only 5% of all high school aged children go to secondary school.

The New Sudan Education Initiative was formed in an effort to change these troubling statistics and bring a lasting peace to one of the world’s most conflicted regions. NESEI is a 501c3 nonprofit run by a coalition of Sudanese refugees and American supporters with a goal of building 20 secondary schools in Southern Sudan. Our schools will combine a standard academic curriculum with specialized vocational and leadership training to help our graduates jump start their careers and the public and private sectors of Sudan’s collapsed economy.

NESEI is a registered organization with the Government of Southern Sudan and has received its sanctions exemption license from the US Treasury.