Tufts University Technology for Learning in the Health Sciences (TLHS)

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About Us

Technology for Learning in Health Sciences (TLHS) at Tufts University supports Tufts University Science Knowledgebase (TUSK) and Open Courseware (OCW).

Since 1994, TUSK’s mission has been to create, manage, and deliver open source technology to support and enhance health sciences education, both locally and globally. TUSK is a powerful knowledge management system that facilitates the creation, capture and sharing of information to support health sciences education and training using open source technology. TUSK’s success stems from its deep understanding of the daily operations of health sciences academic institutions, and the needs surrounding competency-based learning, teaching and assessment. Features such as clinical encounter logs or case-based teaching tools provide students with information-rich learning resources, help faculty deliver and manage course content, and aid administrators in monitoring curriculum. These customizable tools are integrated into one system and enable faculty, students and administrators from multiple schools or universities carry out their daily tasks and training more effectively. Along with fully supporting Tufts’ medical, veterinary and dental schools, the TUSK system supports other health sciences institutions in the United States, Africa Sweden and India.

Tufts OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a free, online publication of high-quality educational material contributed by Tufts faculty from a number of Tufts University courses. Started in 2005, the OCW website has received almost 3.5 million visits and reflects Tufts’ early advocacy of the open educational resources (OER) and open access (OA) movements. The content is available under a Creative Commons license that maintains faculty copyright while fostering reuse.