Women Veterans Center

  • Pennsylvania


259 North Lawrence Street
United States

About Us

From the founding of our nation, women have protected America's freedom and the population of Women Veterans is growing rapidly. According to the VA, the current projected percentage of U.S. Veterans who are women is 10 percent. Women make up nearly 11.6 percent of OEF/OIF/OND Veterans and we will continue to see an influx.  


Still, Women Veterans remain historically under-represented in using available benefits and may be more reluctant than their male counterparts enhance their status as a veteran. To address these growing and unique needs, in 2014, the Veterans Multi-Service Center created the Women Veterans Center.


Women Veterans Center Mission:

The mission of the Women Veterans Center is to provide a communal space for Women Veterans and their families to heal, grow, and thrive. We offer a wide range of activities, events, and programs allowing Women Veterans to connect to each other and the community.