ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal

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About Us

ALEPH is the umbrella organization for the trans-denominational Jewish Renewal movement that helps restore, renew and revitalize Jewish life. ALEPH is committed to continuous innovation that jumpstarts the Jewish soul.

ALEPH fuels Jewish spiritual vitality and passion with programs that empower leadership, build communities, and generate powerful experiences. ALEPH trains transformational clergy able to spark exciting spiritual experiences within and beyond denominations.

ALEPH innovations in chant, eldering (“Ageing to Sage-ing”), hashpa’ah (spiritual direction), davvenology (prayer modalities), embodied spirituality and integral halachah inspire thousands. Jewish Renewal deeply engages with both Jewish tradition and the world wisdom flowing through other faith traditions – from a posture of Jewish strength and authenticity – in our common mission to heal the heart, lift the soul and repair the world. 

The ALEPH umbrella emcompases the ALEPH Ordination Programs, the fast-growing ALEPH Network of congregations and communities, ALEPH's Kallah, and ALEPH-affiliated programs including Ruach Ha’Aretz (mobile retreat center), DLTI (Davvenen Leadership Training Institute), Educating for Spirituality, Embodying Spirit / En-spiriting Body, and C-DEEP (Center for Devotional Energy and Ecstatic Practice, including the Kol Zimra chant training program).