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About Us

NewStories is a 501(c)3 corporation founded in Spokane in 2000. We can into existence because it is time for new stories about being alive on this planet in ways that help us live into a life-affirming future. Our work falls into 4 domains:

Learning Lab

Our Learning Lab is a place both to do research into the participatory, conversational approaches that are key to our work and to share what we are discovering through workshops, learning journeys, events and eventually a School For the Possible Now.

Action Lab

Our Action Lab is a hub for creativity and innovation, where we host the work of people and organizations who are breathing life into new possibilities. We support the work of pioneers, innovators and entrepreneurs who are discovering how we move through this period

Stories Lab

We don’t live in the world, we live in our stories about the world. All around us, new narratives for how to live well are becoming visible. And they are built on the shoulders of many stories of how transition has happened over the long arc of time. Our Stories Lab illuminates

Strategic Convening Services

We offer skills and services for strategic convening both as an expression of our core competencies and as a way to bring revenue into our eco-system. Offered with and through the members of our NewStories Team, we contract with organizations and communities to convene strategic conversations which lead to new action and conscious change.