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The labor of the Association through this auto sustained project of complete development “ALPA VIDA” is oriented to one fundamental and permanent objective, LOWER THE LEVEL OF UN EMPLOYMENT AND SUB EMPLOYMENT IN THE MACRO REGION SOUTH OF PERU, this allows for the increase of family income through the generation of productive employment, understanding as productive employment, the total development of the worker and not exploiting them as at present in most companies, to achieve this:

1. we will install a center for production through the implementation and formation of a Textile production plant, and a permanent productive capacitating, to better permanently the level of efficiency in the production and in the personal and ethical formation of our workers. 2. we will develop a sales team for domestic and foreign sales of textile products, art work, agro industrial products and others, assuring a market for the products to be offered by our foundation, this will lead to the auto sustainability of our project in all its areas of production and support. 3. We will capacitate the family work shops in textile, art work and others in management, production and total development of the person. 4. we will implement the department of development support to be able to attend to the specific needs in support of auto development, planning, executing, financing, as well as finding financial support for projects of auto development in the macro region south of Peru, giving priority to projects creating employment, strengthening the management capacities of the small and micro companies, genetic improvement of the Alpaca and Sheep providing our prime material, also in health education and others. 5. We will promote the installation of companies transformers of prime materials from the agricultural and fishery industry to promote the exportation of their products through the port of Matarani, bettering their production capacity and quality standard, in this way generating productive employment in small family owned production plants.