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The CIDS NEW HOPE School is affiliated with the CHILDREN INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT SERVICES (CIDS) a non religious, non governmental and not profit making organization. The aims are to help educate those underprivileged and orphan children, help reduce child poverty in these communities and to also help develop the communities through them. Thus, we felt the dire need to establish a Preparatory School to serve children and people in these communities.

The civil war in Sierra Leone caused a serious cracked in the educational system of the country which negative effects still persist even after the war, increasing the already national problem of high illiteracy and poverty rate amongst women and children.

The Environment & People: The people in these communities and its surroundings are very peaceful, receptive and nice to strangers, especially to those who will come to help their children. There are no acts of violence in these communities. Wellington is in between Kissy and Calaba town. Wellington is located in the Eastern part of Freetown .On the other side of Wellington is the Atlantic Ocean and the island-like airport. The communities are set up on some of the most beautiful hills of Freetown; although its roads are rough to walk on. These communities has a population of about 7-8 thousand people. The people who live in these communities are made of all the tribes in Sierra Leone. They are very friendly and welcoming, although poverty is high.

Electricity supply is not constant and water is fetched from wells during the dry season in March. The people in these communities speak Krio (pigeon English) and British English.

Who we need: We are looking for volunteers who would like to help teach in the school.

For the Head office we need: •Volunteers who have an in-depth knowledge and experience in fundraising activities. You will fundraise for the organization to help the needy children.

For the school we need: •Both male and female volunteers who love working with and for children. •Volunteers who have a flair for creativity. You will teach small classes in prep 1-4. •Qualified teachers and general volunteers are all welcome. • Teachers who would like to organize in service training for local staff. • Nursery specialists. • Being able to learn foreign language is an added advantage General attributes we expect from all volunteers: • Anyone who is broadminded and ready to live a simple lifestyle in simple surroundings. • Couples as well as small groups are welcome, likewise either gender. • Both long and short term volunteers are welcomed.

Your Job at CIDS NEW HOPE PREP-SCHOOL: You will be engaged in various activities, mainly teaching in the school and helping out in other CIDS’ children development projects. It may take time however to get on side with the school kids, so patience and a good sense of humour are an asset. Besides this, on holidays, you can organize special activities in the school, such as art classes, recorder lessons, tutoring reading etc.

Volunteers will either be assigned to help out at CIDS head office. At school you will teach classes of around 10-18 children. We encourage volunteers to focus on teaching remedial reading and writing and working with arts and crafts with the children. You’ll teach at the school, in coordination with the local teachers. While sometimes-local teachers teach with the volunteers, most often volunteers plan, teach, assess, and evaluate on their own with very little guidance. You will be required to teach any of the following academy subjects from nursery 1 to prep 1 to 4 (grade 4) maths, science, language arts reading and tutorial program, literature, history, geography, phonics and handwriting. You are encouraged to give your input and try (or share) new teaching techniques. The children will take some time to get used to each volunteer’s unique style, but the results you will see are wonderful.

School Opening Times: School Hours: Monday – Friday: 7:45 am – 2:00 pm 7:45 am – 8:15 am (Assembly) 8:20 am – 8:30 am (calling of School register) 8:30 am- 10:30 am (Lesson time) 10:30 am- 12: 00 pm (Break) 12:00 pm – 12: 30 pm (Lunch) School Terms Term 1: 1st week of September – 2nd week of December Term 2 1st week of January – 1st week of April Term 3 3rd week of April – 1st week of August

What you can do beforehand: If you don’t have much experience teaching and if you have some free time, it would benefit you to get some experience planning lessons/units, teaching, and working with kids. Also the coordinator can help you out if you have any doubts about your suitability or how to fit into the classroom.

Accommodation: (HOME STAY) Accommodation is simple but spacious. There are mosquito nets over the beds and one volunteer to a room. There are 4 people living in our apartment. The house is located within walking distance from the school. Within the compound is another bungalow where other families live. We shall make sure that you drink purified pure water through out your stay. The national electricity power supply is not constant and there is community water taps and wells, where clean water is usually fetched for washing of clothes and bathing. There is also a small petrol generator which may be used to generate electricity in the absence of power. There is a comfortable bedroom. The accommodation has a pit latrine but very clean and decent for foreign volunteers. During the rainy seasons water for washing is collected from the house roof.

Accommodation and Food Cost: DURATION COST ( $) Less than one month 400.00 1 month 500.00 Subsequent months 200.00 After 6 months No payment (Donation not integrated) You could donate for School supplies or towards any of our School projects. Project Manager: Mr. Collins F. Rich is the project manager and volunteer coordinator for this project. He is also the social services officer for the National Christian Evangelical Mission in Sierra Leone. Collins is a social worker. He is very receptive and accommodating and will communicate with you as you plan your trip to Sierra Leone.

(Your volunteering service is highly needed) (CIDS 4 KIDS, WELLINGTON PREP-SCHOOLS PROJECTS) We need volunteers from all walks of life, who can help from wherever they are or by working with us in Sierra Leone for any number of days/weeks/months or years. We need help to teach, to train our staff and students and to provide services to the community there. We welcome professionals, students and trainees to do work experience or to do their electives/internship. CIDS NEW HOPE PREPARATORY SCHOOL IS LOCATED IN THE EAST PART OF FREETOWN 51 OFF UPPER PHILIP STREET WELLINGTON. FREETOWN SIERRA LEONE, WEST AFRICA

The CIDS NEW HOPE School is affiliated with the CHILDREN INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT SERVICES (CIDS) a non religious, non governmental and not profit making organization. The aims are to help educate those underprivileged and orphan children…

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