Healthy Eating and Active Living Foundation, Inc.

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About Us

Mission 1: Education We believe that education is about teaching and learning. Through our efforts to serve as a resource to the general public, we continue to question what we know, to research, and to discover new avenues that we can all take to improve our lives. By engaging with scholars and scientists that are developing the area of healthy living, HEAL wants to shed light upon its implications.

Mission 2: Advocacy HEAL strives to improve the options and information available to people so hard decisions about healthy eating and physical activity can be made easier. For this we strive to work with policy or law makers in NYU and New York City to ensure that the community always has the choice to lead a healthy lifestyle because we believe healthy habits should not be a temporary change, but one of permanence.

Mission 3: Community Events We want to bring the community together by creating and collaborating with existing organizations on events that appeal to people of all ages, such as marathons, workshops, and health fairs. HEAL acknowledges that healthy living can be a challenging choice, but also that getting people to realize that no one is alone in pursuing health will spark a sustained change in individual behavior, and overtime, that of society.