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Join the Vote Bhushan 2013 Campaign! Natraj Bhushan is running for NYC Council in the 48th district. This district covers Manhattan Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach, and parts of Midwood.

A Message from the Candidate:

My name is Natraj S. Bhushan, and I am a public-interest lawyer running for New York City Council in the 48th District of Brooklyn, New York. As a life-long resident of the district and community-first advocate, I believe I am a strong candidate to replace sitting Council Member, Hon. Michael C. Nelson.

As an attorney, I have always zealously fought and championed the rights of my fellow neighbors, friends, family and small-business owners. Whether I am arguing on behalf of my clients in court, advocating for reform, or fighting for quality-of-life issues, like taking on insurance companies in the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, I know what it means to stand up for a cause and fight hard for those who feel they do not have a voice. As a former intern for Council Member Leroy Comrie, I learned about the inner-workings of local government and assisted various constituent groups, such as low-income seniors. I firmly believe that this knowledge and experience will help my staff and I secure the financial and political resources that our community so desperately needs. Further, with the recent passage of the health care reform legislation, I believe my legal and policy background coupled with my experiences working with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, make me an ideal candidate to aid with the complexities and challenges the district's constituents will face in the imminent future, especially our beloved seniors and numerous small businesses. Ultimately, there are numerous issues and hurdles that both my district and NYC will face in the coming months and years. Some of the issues I promise to fight for are the following: substantive immigration and education reform, tax-cuts for small businesses and homeowners, transparency in government, creation of more affordable housing, establishment of a professional mentor program for high school and college students, securing long-term resources for Sandy-related recovery efforts and relief, preservation of financial resources for the numerous seniors and senior centers in the district (Note: for those that may not know, every year there is a budget "dance" wherein the Mayor proposes cuts and City Council fights to preserve cuts in funding).

I thank you in advance for your support of my petition for candidacy.

Sincerely, Natraj S. Bhushan Candidate, NYC Council District 48