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About Us

Mark Chesney founded our Charitable Organization. He is the proud parent of two beautiful children. On August 16th, 1996 , his daughter, Savannah Eve Chesney was born blind due to a congenital eye disorder called Microphtlhalmia. Other complications within her eyes (bilateral retinal colobomata), extremely limiting the possibility of any future hope for vision for Savannah. But….. there is a bright side to this story and maybe, just maybe, something to be learned about ourselves in reading it. It is called LOVE~

Receiving a prescription to remove one of Savannah’s eyes and fit her with an ocular insert was a very emotional decision to make. PRAYER….. would that work? A miracle for who? Me? An alliance with God was made. Not only has Mark dedicated his life to helping Savannah , but also any children with special needs. You see….. “The Vision of Thought” that Mark had was that Savannah would see as much as he believed. Believing to Mark means LOVE.

Do you believe enough to show your love to a child? Maybe, just maybe….. your LOVE might help one of these children to see. Savannah's ~ My Charity 4 Kid's ~ is quickly growing in reputation due to the terrific group of dedicated, compassionate and loving Men , Women , Youth Leaders & Children of America who share in the same vision of helping children with special needs. Our group has come up with some very appealing ways for you to show your love and support for the many children that need help.

" From the Founder" The organization was established after I had undergone an epiphany that would provide me with the inspiration to establish this organization. The sole purpose of the foundation is to provide services to children with special need's whose families have neither the financial, nor the emotional means to do so, and the establishing of a Charitable Trust to insure future needs of these children.

My own beautiful daughter Savannah Eve, born blind, and recently (April'2007) Diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome ( the high end of the Autism spectrum) is the inspiration for this foundation.

My heart goes out to these children with special needs and their families as we join together for the greater benefit of all children who have not been gifted with normal physical and emotional abilities.

I am seeking feedback from the Social Network Community to help me build this organization and help as many "Kid's with Special Needs" as we can.

I thank you in advance for your feedback and any help you might offer.