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About Us

Peers to Peers Mentoring

Who better to help a student through the college experience than a fellow student? The Peers to Peers Mentoring program facilitates this relationship, uniting students looking to build their college experience with second- or third-year students with similar interests, backgrounds, or study areas.

Through the Peer to Peers program, student mentors help peers maneuver through college life, offering useful insight and resources. At the same time, when paired through the program, students encourage one another. In talking about classes and goals, students help themselves and peers stay focused on and committed to their educations.

In addition, students are able to network socially through activities hosed by the program. The Peers to Peers team firmly believes the socially and civically engaged student is a more committed student.

Who are the mentors?

Mentors are student employees who have spent a year or more at Pierce, have shown success in classes and are knowledgeable of campus resources, and who want to spend time building community on campus.

What do mentors do?

• Meet or check in with peers weekly

• Identify academic resources that fit peers’ interests

• Coordinate activities among peers

• Discuss goals and ways to achieve them

• Assist students holistically to finish their education

How are students paired with mentors?

• Similar academic interests

• Student preferences

• Background and experiences

• Age

• Gender

• Goals and passions