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About Us

The Young People's Project (YPP) uses Math Literacy Work to develop the abilities of elementary through high school students to succeed in school and in life. In doing so YPP, involves these young people in efforts to eliminate institutional obstacles to their success.

YPP’s approach is to engage young people in Learning, Teaching, Leading and Organizing within their peer groups, in their neighborhood and communities, and through education, culture and politics.

Our goal is that young people are activated, are equipped with the skills, and embody the judgment, integrity and good will to work with each other, in their communities and across cultural and geographic boundaries to shape their collective futures.

Through learning and teaching young people in YPP are investing in themselves and each other to access this country’s education and economic arrangements, ensuring they are prepared to meet the requirements for global citizenship in the 21st century.Through leading and organizing, YPP seeks to increase the density of its local work, developing trust and the depth of relationships among young people and their communities that strengthen the fabric of families and neighborhoods and increase the opportunities for people to act collectively to create substantive changes in the conditions of their lives and local communities.

YPP seeks to accelerate its ability to grow a network of math literacy workers and math literacy programs that function as the hubs, bridges and weavers of a broader network of learners, teachers, leaders and organizers who are aware of each other and each other’s work, have shared experiences and taken collective action together, and are strategically positioned to help shape America into a more just and equitable country.

YPP has established sites in Jackson, MS, Chicago, IL, and the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts, and is operating programs in Miami, Los Angeles, Mansfield, OH, Hamilton College and Ann Arbor, MI. Nationally, YPP has a base of 400 high school and college students that it employs on a part-time basis annually.