Dream Home Care Inc.

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3939 Atlantic Blvd
Suite 213
Long Beach

United States

About Us

Dream Home Care gives neglected and abused children a safe place to live, either in one of our four group homes. We give a focused structured setting were our residents can work towards educational goals, reuniting with family, adoption or prepare them for a smooth transition to independent living. We offer and provide many services to help them heal from their past and move forward to a bright and successful future.


The vision of Dream Home Care is to ensure that all our residents lead a productive, successful and a meaningful life. 


Our residents have many issues; they have suffered serious abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Our group home residents show symptoms of emotional and physical derailment, including substance abuse, running away, and learning deficits. Their behaviors include outbursts, difficulty controlling impulses, and distrusting adult caregivers.

Our main goal is to help children and adolescents heal from their past and move forward in living a productive and fulfilling future.