Young People in International Affairs

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144 Peter Road

South Africa

About Us

Young People in International Affairs (YPIA) is an entity at the forefront of identifying and creating opportunities for international affairs students and recent graduates throughout the African continent. YPIA promotes young African leadership and cooperation based on meeting the challenges of today’s international world.

The mission of YPIA is to:

  • To collect, organize and publicize employment information for young people throughout South Africa, Africa and the world. This will not only include permanent positions, but internships, fellowships, and various other job opportunities.
  • To publish young peoples’ work, which identify lessons learnt along with the common needs and solutions of African and international institutions, as well as produce quality and realistic recommendations;
  • To convene conferences, workshops and other functions among current/future leaders to initiate exchanges between current/future African and international leadership. These functions will include inspiring presentations, scintillating workshops, and unparalleled networking opportunities;
  • To hold online discussions to analyze current events and to help raise the voice of students around the continent; and
  • To produce reports and videos for the media to help increase awareness of related topics.