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Clean air. Clean water. Open Space.

Arizona’s environment is well worth protecting. Home to the Grand Canyon, Red Rock Country in Sedona, and the vast Sonoran Desert, the landscape never ceases to inspire. But, Arizona faces a number of threats and serious choices about its environmental future.

We stand on the front lines of the climate crisis with increasing droughts, wildfires, dust storms, and overall heat. With a growing population, we are being continually pressed for better ways to sustain our water resources. Many of our state parks have been put at risk of closure. Even the Grand Canyon has been threatened by nearby claims to mine for uranium, an activity that nearly always requires toxic cleanup.

Despite overwhelming public support for environmental protections, many of our political leaders have neglected to stand up for clean air, stopping global warming, open parks, and the wise use of our water resources. Out job at Environment Arizona is to connect this widespread public support for the environment with those in power to make the case for real and positive change at the local, state, and federal level.

Environment Arizona is a statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization. Founded in 2007, we have already won substantial vicrotires for Arizona's environment, including the passage of Arizona's renewable energy standard of 15% by 2025, successfully pushing the Obama administration to make 54.5 mpg the standard for cars and light trucks by 2025, and proctecting over 1 million acres of land next to the Grand Canyon from uranium mining for the next 20 years.